Yellow Inquiry

Starting from Feb 28, Future Host will be releasing writings on Loess Plateau 黄土高坡 through the email address:


1: Eyeing on the loess ( released on March 31)
We can’t help thinking about how this hovering way of writing could help momentarily arrest the Loess Plateau that is so physically remote from all of us. There is hope that we will land.
2: No Alleviation ( released on April 15 )
This one comes in present tense, which is exciting. Learning and being commanded to learn about Chinese issues is a political and economical must. Sip tea with a vase in front of you whilst an invitation of cremation is being delivered to your doorstep - may you all die in dreams.
3&4: Insatiable (released on May 1 and May 14)
After being part of the sad world history of famine and deficiency, living with abundance is not enough of a retaliation. The determined Mukbangers of China are now penetrating the capitalist mirage by exhausting all surplus. Read the third entry of The Yellow Inquiry, “The Insatiable” on Mukbang to find out why you’ve always been hungry.

Publication “The Insatiable: Notes on Chinese Mukbang”, The Mask Magazine, 2019 (upcoming)

5: Jaywalking (released on May 31)
Once upon a time in Beijing, Future Host were promenading on their saddles ( #ofo bikes) under the harvest moon. They had planned to see ghosts and lose their sanity but ended up getting pork & fennel dumplings at a homey little place in a back alley behind the Forbidden City. They heard stories but have forgotten what was being told. Peking had since then been freed from memory.
The Yellow Inquiry will dedicate these two episodes to the old city. Stay awake and stay tuned.

Publication “Jay Walking and The Sleeper”, The New Engagement, 2019 (upcoming)

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