Zhongguonongcun (Rural China)

Conceived and directed: Tingying Ma
Dramaturg: Kang Kang
Designer: Ray Ting

Zhongguonongcun is the phonetic spelling of “rural China”. A strategy of abstraction to do away with the extraordinarily long and disparate baggage of history, politics, and representation of rural China, as well as the elite’s consumerist exoticization and moral dilemma . when history originates from an app called Kuaishou, or Kwai, a video and photo-sharing social media platform uniquely popular among users living in rural China and its urban fringes. Hundreds of millions of users, otherwise invisible in mainstream media, broadcast their everyday life, singing pop music, choreographing dances, staging self-directed drama all the while cultivating fans in a highly competitive economy of attention. With the hyperfertility of LeeLeeSu’s duplicated genitals, rural China consumes and reproduces every teeny spectacle with cancerous ferocity, whereby the very act of looking again becomes a homogenizing force of erasure. The ongoing revival of the image of rural China, as well as the fatigue of the concept itself, will be experienced as a live art form.


Presented as an opening performance for Elevator Repair Service's revival of No Great Society, Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn, NY, US
June 15, 2017